Working Together to Make Children Safe Swimmers

Interested in Swim Lessons, but cant afford them? Every Child A Swimmer offers opportunities for low to no cost scholarships for qualified children. Learn More Here.

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Parent/Caregiver Resources

Check out our list of resources for Parents and Caregivers, including; water safety checklist, grant application information, legal waivers, and many more!


Learn how YOU can help move this legislation forward in your state with our Step by Step guides.

Swim School Provider Resources

Are you a Swim School Provider? Here is a list of curated resources to help you get involved!

Swim Lesson Finder

Find Swim lessons near you using our lesson finder!

Do Your Part!

Great strides continue to be made as more and more organizations join together to help educate and fund swimming lessons for America’s children. Together our industry can make a difference. Every child deserves to learn this basic survival skill. Join us in helping to make Every Child a Swimmer!