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Cannot Swim Well Enough

Pecentage of Americans who cannot swim well enough to save themselves.


Adult Americans Cannot Swim

Percentage of Adult Amercians that do not know how to swim.


Drowning Risk is Reduced

Learning to swim reduces the risk of drowning by this percentage.

Create a Safer and Healthier World

The long-term impact of this bill will be to create a safer, healthier world since many parents will take action to teach their child to swim.

Every Parent Will Become Aware of the Need for Swim Lessons

Parents will receive the information, this will guarantee that every parent becomes aware of the need for swim lessons.

Will NOT Impact the Budget

The Every Child a Swimmer legislation will NOT impact the budget of any school system.

Children Perform Better in School

Research validates that children who learn to swim at an early age actually develop mentally and physically at a measurably better level, even performing better in school.

Not a Mandate

The Every Child a Swimmer legislation is NOT a mandate to require swim lessons.


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FEBRUARY 21, 2023

ECAS Arkansas Legislation


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